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Public Liability Insurance

We are a fully insured removal company. We have public liability which will cover any damage caused to your property or premises by ourselves.  We have a £1.000.000 indemnity limit. The insurance cover is provided by master cover.

Hire for Reward Insurance

We also have hire for reward insurance provided by master cover.  This type of specialist insurance is for companies who charge customers a fee and make a profit for transporting goods.  It’s a legal requirement.

Goods in transit

Good in Transits insurance is a must for a removal company, we have content cover of £10000 per vehicle. The contents cover can be increased for individual needs such as fine art or expensive machinery.

Our goods in transit cover is not included within our quotes. Most of the big companies include the cover as standard, we like to give our customers a choice as we understand the difficult financial times we are in.  The insurance cover is an optional extra.

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