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Using A Packing Company- What’s Best For You?

So you are moving house and have decided to brave the packing alone. While you may think you’re saving yourself a pretty penny, the chances are you will get an amazing deal from a professional. The right packing company ensures a successful home move. In this post we will explain how a packing company can effect your home move.

Before you continue, have you got a quote for a packing service? You might even discover that not only does this save you endless hours of grueling labour, but the right packing company also comes at an affordable price.

Although choosing a packing company may seem straightforward, you can end up missing a considerable amount of money with any brash or ill informed decisions. With this in mind, make sure when making your choice you decide on the right packing company.

Any reputable removal company offers insurance to cover any damage. But using a professional packing company ideally one of which the removal company supplys (for an additional price), can greatly minimise the chances of damage occurring.

Make sure before packing, you initiate a thorough de-cluttering and get rid off any unwanted items that take up space unnecessarily. Bin items of this nature before packing. If possible before the packing company quotes the property.

When packing items of a considerable weight take extra care and always use double walled boxes. Make sure not to overload the boxes. Keeping boxes of a manageable weight and size allows you to transport goods safely and securely.

If transporting electrical goods insure they are in safe and working condition. Transport in secure containers or the original packaging if possible. Pay attention to specific needs of each object. For example, when packing lamps always separate the lamp shade from the lamp body as a safety precaution. 

Another item you should be careful with is paintings. These are best packed in their own box, sealed at both ends.  Always keep valuable items like jewelry or cash in a safe place and try to move these items yourself.

Check the conditions of your insurance to ensure delicate items are covered by the removal company, we advise you keep these objects on your person.

Kitchens are usually the most time consuming rooms to pack. They gather many difficult packing items,such as crockery and glass items, that take a lot of time to pack. For this reason we advise you hire a professional cleaning and packing team.

Pack tools like spades, garden forks and hammers together and label them for safety reasons. You should cover any sharp edges with cardboard or newspaper to avoid any injuries. Pack fragile items with an abundance of newspaper, packing peanuts or any other soft packing materials. They should also be placed in a labelled box to avoid confusion.

For Further Reference, Take A Look At Taurus Removals Cleaning And Packing Page.


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